⚡ BITCOIN vs BITCOIN CASH ⚡[Live Update] Free Bitcoin Price Live Digital Crypto Currency BTC USD How

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19 thoughts on “⚡ BITCOIN vs BITCOIN CASH ⚡[Live Update] Free Bitcoin Price Live Digital Crypto Currency BTC USD How”

  1. BK was the first to throw up the chart and say buy BitcoinCash… 😀 go BK!!!
    YOU ARE the BOSS of BitcoinCash!!!

  2. Lemme tell you BK: I wasn't convinced of BCH until your video on "10 Ways BTC Could Be in a Bubble". I didn't buy just cause you said "buy", I bought because ALL of that shit made COMPLETE SENSE! You have to take a step back and observe what is happening in our world. There is a transformation of power… there CANNOT be TWO economic superpowers simultaneously. The East is rising and the inevitability is BOLD! Your perspective is phenomenal and it is well appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Bro please do some analysys on IOTA and maybe ETH, because I'm wondering if maybe it's time to move rest of my ETH to IOTA

  4. Where do you think Ethereum is headed? It has been remarkably stable. Reminds me of Bitcoin prior to it's run-up in Q2 of this year.

  5. My family and my humble self will forever remain grateful to you Mr Scott for your winning strategy which has brought back food on our table after loosing all i had to scammers and fake managers, thank you sir for your help, am proud to call you my mentor.

  6. Thanks Mr Boss for your analysis, learned a lot. Is it time to check out REP ? breakout soon ? can u do a quick analysis…

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