24 thoughts on “⚡ BITCOIN MOMENT OF TRUTH⚡ Bitcoin Price 2609 USD 7/5 Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis BTC ETH”

  1. Thank you man! u made me a good profits from ur advises investing in Dash, I missed the chance to invest in LTC as you advise also. big love from Norway.

  2. Hi Brandon,

    but what about ripple now ? You always tell is that it might breakout. But why ? Because of illuminati influence ? Because of the banks ? Please tell me the real reason why you think it will explode.

    Thanks from Germany

  3. Hey Brandon Kelly! I love watching and listening to you channel. I'm in New Haven Ct. & would like to know if you hold any in person instruction in a group. Your 45 minutes away and I would go to any of your instruction. I'm trying to invest and need to learn this tool.

  4. Watching you from Malawi and hoping you are on the money! BTW youtube doesnt list Malawi/Mozambique

  5. i want to thank you. i was struggling. invested $50 that was for a electric bill,, got xrp at 5 cents.. sold at 22k satashi. sold some btc paid bills. bought my 1000 xrp back at 9200k sat. 🙂 now waiting 🙂 and collecting more xrp

  6. I love your channel Boss man. By the time August 1st rolls around and the fork happens I can see how people will freak out and sell, driving the price down.

  7. I hope i will come back and post again to thank you after making some money with Litecoin. love from INDIA

  8. Man you called it again.. the channel is happening and bitcoin looks like it has chosen down. Now the question of when to buy?

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