24 thoughts on “⚡⚡ HOW TO SHORT CRYPTOS⚡⚡ Bitcoin Price 2588 USD | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis BTC ETH LTC”

  1. Another great video! I can almost feel my brain swelling for the influx of information. Yet I have a question about your MA settings. Am I correct in assuming that they would be different for every coin and that you determine them by looking a past patterns and tweak them until the match up with key events?

  2. BK I'm all about what your doing- it's amazing man. The positivity, the quotes, sharing your knowledge, etc. Makes me think of this quote- "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." So really man good looks for all that. Real quick, how do I get on these live?

  3. Thanks for dropping that knowledge on us. I been teaching myself over the years on this stuff but where did you learn? Or are you just a natural genius? haha

  4. Hey BK thanks for these vids! Probably been the most valuable stuff I've found so far. As a noob to cryptos and using only coinbase, what other medium should I be using to take part in these other trades like with Ripple?

    Thanks again for all this knowledge!

  5. I´m from Ecuador! 🙂 te sigo por que además de las señales que das, le pones muchas ganas al trading!

  6. Litecoin at 45…. dont invest or trade something simply because its small market cap. Like ripple. Follow china and korea.

  7. thanks for great analysis! Awesome work!
    What do you think about AntShares? It has good run so far on China market. Your comments highly appreciated

  8. Hey BK …new sub to your channel and this shitz better than the Game Of Thrones… have you done or going to be doing vid discussing uasf planned for Aug 1? predictions? prep? etc… koko!

  9. Yo Brandon, great stuff! Psyched for playing the market alongside yourself. Is there anywhere where you explain how you set up your tradingview site? The default looks quite different (read useless compared to yours). Cheers!

  10. love how you incorporate your spirituality with the cryptocurrency world. You give me hope I don't have to live paycheck to paycheck my whole life. I'm 44 and so tired.. just want a chance to make a little money, I don't need to be rich, just want to know how not to be poor anymore. Thanks for helping those who want to help themselves. I've no doubt your father you speak so highly of is very proud of you. Thanks for the knowlege and empowerment in all these videos BK.

  11. You are the man!!!! I wish I could pick your brain for hours and hours!!!! Thank you so much for the knowledge

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