55 thoughts on “⚡⚡ BTC BREAKOUT ALERT!! ⚡⚡ Bitcoin Price 2696 USD JUNE 22 | Crypto Currency Stock Chart Analysis ETH”

  1. Would anyone reccomend buying an open contract of BTC with genesis mining at this stage or just buy 1 BTC coin or even buy ETH?
    I am very interested in hearing what you (more experienced cryptos) have to say. (8 day old crypto baby here… no altcoins bought yet so need advice to make up my mind)

  2. Brandon can i please ask you om your opinion of the future for IOTA and the potential for its prices in the next 5 years? I understand its early days but as far as the tech of the tangle goes I feel it has a chance

  3. Ganhe até R$200 por dia sem investir nada, você pode chegar q ganhar até R$ 7.000 em Btc por mês utilizando apenas 30 min por dia. Inscreva-se pelo link https://www.bitcoinmais.com/76633/

  4. Hi great content as usual 🙂 I did sell half of my Eth like a week ago & I also have been calling the crash for like a week, you can see it on my steemit @dobe4ever. No one believed me either… Now I've been wanting to sell my other half for the past 3 days but no exchange allows you to trade ETH at all. Unbelievable…

  5. really appreciate you. I've worked hard labor and can only buy from coinbase because i've never used computer and it seems so different for me THANK YOU

  6. This is my first time watching your Channel. My name is Travis, I thank you for what your doing! your a great person! I ensure ill be staying tuned!

  7. 1st time viewer, channel just popped into recomended. Started thinking BTC was going up after miners, kinda came to agreement, signaling. Accumulated few more BTC because. Holding stake in Etherium for long term, you have me churnen, burnen , my brain. May have to make a bold move on BTC. Always been in back of my mind that it's meant to be. This is a once jn a lifetime opportunity to gather resources. When the time comes, it will be obvious, be a conduit and distribute the resource provided. To those who understand this, they will reap the resources at the highest levels.
    PEACE. 😎

  8. DUDE BITCOIN is going to $5000!!!! Its going to be a 18-21 day bull run with some breath taking turbulence. I've watched these patterns unfold over and over again for two years. The patterns get bigger, longer, and more volatile. I'm so excited. BUY BITCOIN AND HOLD. BK YOU ARE THE MAN

  9. You heard it here from me first – BTC going up because of the Stellar Lumens giveaway. Altcoins down. We will see a giant selloff of STR soon. Short that soon.

  10. Aww, I love what you said about being better to each other. Last week I sent some LTC to my brother, who is broke and trying to get into this game and I accidentally did the transaction twice. But I didn't mind because I knew he needed it and believe he will do well with it. I agree with paying it forward, there are so many ways we can all make this planet better once the real humans have the power/money to take control back from the sociopaths who run everything. Together we can take the deep state downnnnnn.

    ICO's to look at: Populous and Footballcoin (fantasy football). Not just more of the same, these are unique platforms. Thanks so much, great info as always 🙂

  11. Great video like always! Just wondering have you heard of UBIQ (UBQ). It seems to be a sleeper.

  12. I am so glad I found your video. I am now a convert to your channel. Love your style and will look for your link to your new website. Thanks

  13. I'm holding some other coins (ETH, LTC, DASH, GOLEM, ANS) and I'm currently at ~10% loss on them – is it a good idea to sell these now for bitcoin, then buy them again once BTC goes up? (this will make the other coins cheaper right?)

  14. "Pay it forward" Will do ….I'm learning a lot from you man I appreciate it and I like the way you present yourself . You rock sir.

  15. Ethereum is a smart project and has great potential to grow gradually. I do not agree with you. In long run it will be a winning investment. In regards to last crash its just that someone or grouop has played the game the game well and took the money of the table.

  16. Hi Brandon, been watching from around 500 subs. Trying to get to grips, made some mistakes. I find this whole phenomena of crypto interesting. Different solutions, scams, future inspiration etc. Enjoy hearing your enthusiasm, keep it up. Would be great to chat one to one in the future.

  17. I like what you say inbetween, all the crypto info is awesome – i am newbie – but I really like YOU, how you say the world should be, the money system should be — you have my appreciation for what you do – thanks

  18. BK. You're a legend….. Whoda thunk I would sell my ethereum a week ago and be extra fricking happy about it?


  19. BK acts a bit like a loony but he knows shit. And since I like money I just gotta LOVE BK! Nothing but love for the bauss of crypto making all of us who are actiontakers free money!

  20. What most people don't understand is how ridiculously rare A full bitcoins are given that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins. The earth population is over 7 billion, So for most people it will not be about owning one or more bitcoin, it will be about having bits or Satoshis.
    There are exactly I00,000,000 million Satoshi units in each Bitcoin, and the value of each Satoshi will achieve parity and surpass the value of the world reserve fiat currency the $dollar.
    When bitcoin enter into its third phase, the bitcoin community will stop exchanging bitcoin for fiat dollars, we will value the planet earth at the total number of bitcoins, and make the cheapest single purchasable unit of the cheapest element the smallest possible unit of bitcoin. Everything scales from there. The world will start pricing goods and services in bits or Satoshis. When that day comes,  we will be able to  buy  21th century  luxury smart homes in Africa and Asia  for only 10 Satoshis or A new Ferrari 458 for 5 bits. And  (1) bitcoin will support  A family for generations. Let's not forget the true value of bits an Satoshis. "BUY & HOLD" you've been WARNED..

  21. broher BK i am so happy i foudn this channel, i just send request to join FB group and i also paid the 20$ for the event brite event. now i got a 1v1 schedule with you monday 4:30 – 5:30 .. i thought the 1v1 were sold out but that i could still buy the break down chart that hand picks the top cryptos for june. so i bought trying to get that but got to schedule a 1v1 with you. i would also like the chart break down is that possible ? thanks for the positive vibes stay up brother.

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