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what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so I have to give shout out to bit boy for that intro how many times did you seriously rewatch that thing I must have watched that like 10 times anyway thank you so much for coming back to the channel guys today is Tuesday if we have a look at what's going on today we're seeing a very mild mild pullback in Bitcoin we still have around at 211 212 billion dollar market cap Bitcoin dominance flat and if we look at the biggest gainers of the day now we have this coin athira up again I think it's gone up like five thousand percent since the end of October but the problem is is that the volume is so low it's only twenty-five thousand dollars worth of volume which is very very very very low and it's very very very risky to get involved in so I just wanted to point that out but if we look at some of the other changes we also have neck so decentraland nem just had some good news that came out actually basic attention token power ledger chain-link comodo Krypton excel doing quite well today now guys if you saw my video yesterday a lot of people were kind of you know concern what do you mean we're definitely in a bear market really the only thing I was trying to point out was we had a two hundred billion dollar market cap exactly one year ago whereas today we had a two hundred and thirteen billion dollar market cap well at the time of making the video so I was just pointing out that we're technically up from a year ago that's pretty much all but guys I'm gonna get off the topic of price today cuz we have been talking about price a lot there's actually been a lot going on in the space so today for example hacks right so we have yet another Twitter account falling victim to a Bitcoin scam this time it was target so you can see this is it right here we're giving away 5,000 Bitcoin and of course you know send us a little bit of Bitcoin to this account and we'll give you a little bit back right so there you guys go obviously you know better than to get involved in this but anyone new watching if anybody especially target is claiming to be giving you away bitcoin and you've got to give them Bitcoin first don't do it it's a scam okay so we do have confirmation on the Great Lakes Science Center which is a major Museum and educational center in Cleveland Ohio they are now accepting Bitcoin as payment so we had that kind of teaser right somebody was taking a screenshot of their television looks like it's official so this actually makes them the third museum to accept cryptocurrency after the Museum of the Coastal Bend in Texas and st. Petersburg Museum of History in Florida so that's pretty good news as well now guys before we move on I do want to let you know because I know a lot of you use bye Nance they are doing a system upgrade on the 14th of November be prepared for this so if you're concerned about oh no I need my tokens I'm gonna want to trade then your best bet is to definitely get them off the exchange now or just realize that you're gonna be down for a while and you're not gonna be able to trade so they're saying that this is happening it could be for up to eight hours on the 14th of November so it says all deposits and withdrawals and training will be suspended during the upgrade they also want to advise its users that the eight hour time frame is an estimate but they will be in constant communication now knowing finance I could see it taking like a half hour and then people are like yeah bye Nance you're amazing you set eight hours finance has really good marketing like that they tend to under-promise and over-deliver which I do respect about them but I just wanted to let you guys know fun does not say moving on we also have Bitcoin ABC six hundred percent more nodes than Bitcoin s V so we were seeing that Bitcoin SV was beginning to kind of you know take some of the hash rate while there's 600 percent more nodes for Bitcoin ABC but as we've discussed guys these guys are gonna go to whatever's the more profitable chain so if Bitcoin sv is more profitable they're not really gonna care if it's a Toshi's vision or if it's Roger Vera's vision or whoever's vision they're just gonna go to where the money's at so keep that in mind but the one thing I found pretty interesting today in this article is that bit main co-founder Jehan woo no longer has influence over the company's decision-making process after an executive board reshuffle so I was wondering why they did this did he decide step down on his own or was he voted down that wasn't really made clear to me but it does say that Wu's position went from director to supervisor which leaves him unable to vote in board decisions after changing to supervisor there's no voting right so once power is smaller and one cannot participate in the business decision-making of the enterprise here you could see him between the the Winklevoss twins so I do wonder why they did this you know so they say down here that they're currently going through a significant metamorphosis as the company plans to begin their IPO and it says that the other thing is that this board stunt appeared to be timed exactly with the release of the company's latest Bitcoin miner the amp miner s15 so I guess that's a good thing he's sort of giving the power back to the rest of the board it might like they said it could just be a publicity stunt for the IPO you know nobody wants to invest in something I guess where you got this one dude controlling everything right but you know you guys can kind of take that news with how you feel but that's what's going on basically he stepped down now the other thing I wanted to talk about as usual because we always have to be careful with these crypto jackings that happen all the time okay so we have another one now if you guys aren't familiar with what crypto jacking is it's an illegal process in which hackers can hijack a user's computing power to mine for crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Manero funds are then sent back to the hacker in control of the software so we actually had McAfee Labs researchers now discovered another Russian crypto jackin malware known as web Cobra so it infects a victim's computer by silently dropping and installing the kryptonite minor or claymores e-cash minor depending on the architecture web Cobra finds McAfee researchers believe the threat arrives via rogue pup installers and have observed it across the globe with the highest number of infections occurring in Brazil South Africa and the US then they go on to say that what is particularly interesting about web Cobra is that it learns everything possible about the user's system like what kind of architecture they are running if there is antivirus technology etc so it's kind of like a self-evolving almost like survival of the fittest Darwinism type malware so basically why why am i bringing this up well obviously you're involved in crypto currencies crypto currencies can be a dangerous place there's a lot of different fishing links so just be careful the things that you click on the information that you give out and definitely don't download anything from shady people that doesn't have a verified certificate you know there's usually a little green or sometimes it's a blue lock up in the corner make sure that that's always there guys always be safe and I wanted to also talk about this so this is of course going to create some controversy but I have to bring it because this did happen so you know we've had some issues with EOS recently some people were upset they gave them a lot of flack for what happened back in June when you basically had members able to freeze funds on EOS so now once again they're in the spotlight after the project recently posted the ruling from a dispute in which a users account credentials had been stolen in a phishing attack there you guys go be careful the links that you click on right and in the report the arbitrator ruled to reverse the account back to the original owner so here you go right here the line of the newly posted arbitration ruling report on the EOS blockchain reads under the power afforded to me as arbitrator under Article six of the rules of dispute resolution I Ben Gates rule that EOS account in dispute should be returned to claim it with immediate effect and that the freeze over the assets within said account is removed so there you go they have the ability to reverse the stolen account so some people are saying that this is just making it more centralized now we've seen a lot of projects in the past that a lot of people have complained about you know Neos still to this day gets a lot of flack for being too centralized so this is just something to take in note I don't know what do you guys think about this I mean for a four billion dollar ICO and you know you would think at this point we already have centralized things they work well we have phones we have Google we have Amazon you know we have snapchat right I think for something that was kind of promised to be so decentralized and then you kind of have Dan Larimer coming out recently being like yeah we're not really that decentralized it's felt a little bit misleading but you know don't kill the messenger guys I'm just reporting the news now I also wanted to talk about we had gossip that was coming out about Swift joining Ripple we know that that got squashed that was a rumor completely you also had Brad Garlin house though the CEO of ripple he came out and he actually joined in and said yes they are strictly rumors there's a lot of rumors and I'm hesitant to comment on any rumor because if you comment on the false rumor then you have to comment on the true rumor and so you just have to avoid them all but the part that I really liked was when he said I think we're doing and executing on a day-to-day basis I think what we're doing is in fact taking over Swift in that we've now signed up with well over 100 banks some of the largest Swift enabled banks in the world are now using ripples technology so pretty much he was just like why would we partner with them when we're clearly better than them and we're gonna take over what they're doing so it's kind of like a cocky response but not only did he squash the rumor but he also kind of gave a lot of hope for you know people invested in ripple and XRP as well I also want to talk about waves platform waves has definitely been making waves okay but seriously smart assets allow waves users to apply scripts to tokens in much the same way that they can already apply them to accounts whenever a transaction for the smart asset is created it's validated by the script before being confirmed by the blockchain so smart contracts smart assets right so these are on the test net currently so what are some of the features well you can have asset freezing seems like we're going in circles here with the news today asset freezing white listing black listing taxation more taxation in the instance that the asset issuer receives a fee with every transaction multi-sig and also controlling asset pairs as well so they go into some potential use cases one that I thought was really easy to understand one is it would be possible for example for a gamer to create an asset that can only be owned by a player with a certain with certain attributes you know for example a sword that can only be used when a certain skill level is reached okay so that's basically what's been going on with waves now also I wanted to talk about this video that came out let me mute it so this is from Brendan Eich you know so he basically long story short I watch this and it was really really interesting because not only did he talk about the evolution of Mozilla and how he got interested in Bitcoin and everything but he goes on to talk about a privacy by default era which basically means that you start with privacy at the core he speaks about originally they were concerned about things like cookies that were kind of tracing you for web sites and stuff like that but now it really is these advertisements that are targeting you I mean you know you're sitting you're having a cup of coffee you know with a friend talking about buying a mattress or something and then all of a sudden you go start scrolling through your phone and you're getting ads for mattresses like that's a little invasive you know so I really think you guys to check this video out it's really really really cool I mean I've had people leave it on the channel be like oh I hate the ads on YouTube videos guys I'm a registered brave publisher so like you can watch my videos on brave browser completely ad free and it'll still help out the channel so that's the really cool thing about brave as well so definitely check this out look into it it really breaks down how even the thing that I actually found most intriguing about this video is the fact that the advertisers are actually on board with this like you would think that the guys doing the ads they're all against this you know they're like no no we don't like this they're not gonna see the ads but they're saying no because what its gonna do is it's gonna push out a lot of this garbage a lot of these crap spam you know just garbage ads so definitely check it out pretty cool video also moving on I wanted to talk about what blocko is recently doing now I don't know if you guys are aware of this they're the Samsung backed commercial blockchain provider and they're also using ergo as a platform to offer new solutions as well which you guys know I'm a pretty big fan of ergo so check this out block o ergo strategic technology partner that builds the ergo platform announced that it would provide a blockchain based distributed storage platform to reconnect real estate registries to the government network data with a blockchain ledger for the Korean Ministry of Land infrastructure and transport so the project will solve the vulnerabilities of paper certificates that can easily be forged and will provide the foundation for real-time sharing of real estate inquiries and information by connecting all agencies that need to use real estate information such as local governor and financial institutions in Korea together on a distributed network the final target is to expand the scope of utilization of the platform to more participating entities including lawyers certified real estate brokers to build integrated and reliable transaction services from financial deals contracts and property registrations so this is really awesome in fact I had a conversation with Steve from hack crypto which we'll get into later and we were talking about the evolution of ICO s and these reverse I SEOs where basically you have companies that already have existing framework existing customers and existing business and then they just tokenize an open-source division of their you know company essentially and this is like what Blanco is doing so I think that's really awesome that they're getting involved like that with the government and stuff really really great also wanted to talk about the bit home Dex app finally getting launched on the Apple Store the version for iOS is released today while that for Android has been around for a little bit but check it out let me know what you guys think obviously there's a lot of Dex's in fact I recently was looking at ether shift because as you know as a New York citizen I can't use shape-shift right it just literally says censored and then some people don't want to use change ly because you still have to go through the KYC process they have to know who's using it so this one is actually completely free as of now you know who knows what will happen in the future so basically you know you can you have a selection it's not really a huge selection of VRC 20s right now but if you want it's really simple you just pick like say I have Bank or and I want to get holo and then that's it and then you just send the bank or to this address and then you get this and then that's it so basically you can um yeah do do an instant transaction now guys I also wanted to talk about this again I have to bring this up I made the video on initiative Q a lot of people have been talking about it some people have their opinions on it I had my opinion on it I clearly stated it was an opinion it's not for me I'm not interested in it personally but I wanted to bring this up for just a quick second for anybody that seems to have certain opinions on initiative Q this was brought up in this article 3 million people are at risk of a high tech scam so Q tokens are rewarded to users for registering with the FIR and conducting many tasks such as inviting your friends according to the highly test any offering of this kind where a user is conducting such a transaction even if it's not a monetary transaction is considered a security the user is still submitting their information in exchange for the promise of tokens but must rely on initiative cue to actually give the tokens the payment network is centralized not decentralized which disqualifies initiative queue from being called a true cryptocurrency which they're very open about and thus should be subject to SEC Securities regulations but there's no evidence to suggest that initiative Q has even registered with the SEC that's the issue that's a huge issue I completely forgot to bring that up guys I mean if you saw my video that I did on initiative Q the other day I'll definitely drop it in the links below this was my opinion on it you know I had my own views on why but this article goes into actually breaking down the fact that you know a lot of people are saying well they're not asking for your money alright so maybe it's not a Ponzi but you're still getting unregistered securities unless they have registered which no we're on the site does it say that they have so I just wanted to point that out guys as well it's just something to keep in mind moving forward but you know everyone's gonna have their own opinion on it obviously everyone wants to get rich quick overnight so it's the next best thing since sliced bread but you know let's really look let's look at this very you know objectively for a second here so I also wanted to move on we were talking about with you know blocko and what they're doing with registries well let's talk about actually tokenizing real estate itself so you have a blockchain startup that's partnered with a broker-dealer so you have fluidity and propellor are gonna offer tokens representing shares in a multi-million dollar block of condos in manhattan new york allowing buyers to invest as much or as little as they want so you have Michael o of the co-founder of blockchain firm fluidity believes blockchain and smart contract technology could completely revolutionize the very concept of investing in real estate he says when we started to look at the real estate industry it's probably one of the most inefficient industries that exists currently a lot of middlemen a lot of lawyers and a lot of bankers so by tokenizing the sale of property those behind the idea also believe that they will be able to start repaying the loan that allowed for its construction earlier one of them said we have a bank deadline on us where we have to sell a certain amount of units or repay the entire loan by a certain date if construction has been delayed if the market turns if competition pops up and we're not going to be able to hit that deadline what do you do so by tokenizing the debt it gives everyone breathing room to sell at a normal pace with the market instead of going against it the other thing I was kind of wondering though is if you tokenize real estate do you get a percentage like I was assuming that's the purpose of doing it right like say you have you know offices being rented out and you have whatever a million tokens and say you have like a hundred people that you know maybe not equally but they all own these tokens so as all the offices are paying their rent for the month is that like distributed equally among all the holders because that's a really cool idea that could really really really change the the future you know we could all own portions of a house and then someone could like live in it and then we would all get portions of the rent that's really cool so I just wanted to kind of bring that up guys and then also kind of in positive news you have the IMF says that they're continuing to devote attention to blockchain and cryptocurrency so this was on a panel actually with CEO Brad Garlin house again from Ripple so you have deputy general counsel Ross Locke ow looks like he said the IMF is devoting a lot of attention to FinTech and blockchain we think it's difficult to talk about blockchain without considering it in light of other new technologies that are forming part of the FinTech debate he says other industries as well include AI distributed ledger crypto assets and several others but on the flip side here's the thing that kind of caught me off guard so you see over here it says the sovereign the sov which is the national currency of the Marshall Islands or they're trying to get it to be is still far from the markets because it has IMF disapproval so don't don't forget in September the IMF issued a report on the country containing a discouraging statement about the fate of the sov digital currency side note I like sov because it's like store of value I don't think they did that intentionally though but it's pretty cool see because here you see over here it says in a vote of no-confidence against the President of the Marshall Islands Hilda hein she's narrowly avoided losing her power so it looks like she survived a vote of confidence by the skin of her teeth the 67 year old Marshall Islands leaders split the domestic Parliament right down the middle as they voted 16 in favor in favor of toppling her and 16 against the main issue in the division of the Marshall Islands Parliament is the plan to launch their digital currency the sovereign so it's interesting I don't understand like they're trying to be forward on it but the IMF is going against it on the Marshall Islands they think it'll tarnish the look or tarnish the brand I don't know what's going on with that I mean yeah yeah I don't know talk to Malta seems to be working for them so let's move on so crypto currencies will not replace or disrupt fiat systems and this is brought to you by the you know People's Bank of China so we're gonna skip this one moving on so this is an interesting article from Nick Carter no not the Backstreet Boy the other Nick Carter okay the partner at Castle Island ventures and co-founder of coined metrics he found that comparing Bitcoin to other crypto currencies and centralized systems like PayPal based on transactions per second is inaccurate clearly like a picture says it's like apples to oranges so what is he saying well this was an interesting thing because yesterday we were looking at what Richard Hart was saying about how you look at the total market cap of gold no one's using gold it's a store of value but yet if you compare that to the overall cap of things like PayPal or stuff like that it's much lower so you can see right here he points out that maybe Bitcoin isn't set to disrupt these micro payments he goes on to talk about physical cash Visa debit cards credit cards and then you can start seeing here you have ripple of is way way way way down on the end so the thing is is like Bitcoin may not be good for day-to-day payments without the Lightning Network but if you think about purchasing a home or sending money abroad or something like that well then in that case Bitcoin has its purpose so interesting article kind of check it out guys I mean it goes you know then some people be like why don't you just use nano right well they do actually they're using it in Venezuela right now along with – but it's an interesting article definitely definitely give it a look it's also just kind of hilarious before we get out of here Polonia axe is now requiring 2000 confirmations for black coin transactions so this guy basically sent in a thing he was concerned he you know he sent in a ticket to the support and they wrote back and said hey Paul thanks for reaching out the minimum confirmations for BC n has increased temporarily to 2000 due to network instability as a result BC n deposits may take longer than usual and as of the time of writing this it was still going he said he only had 894 out of 2,000 confirmations and it looks like it's a three and a half day deposit so that's gonna really suck moving forward and if that doesn't make you guys smile before you go apparently according to whoever took this random shot of the TV it says that women are more likely to use a cryptocurrency for money transfer this is according to CP 24 is that true are women more likely to use crypto for a month for money transfer I have no idea that's a pretty big thanks to tist ik and guys if you didn't have a chance to check this out I did a interview actually for once I was the one being interviewed over at hacked crypto so this is Steve and we basically were talking about what makes a great project so we kind of asked me like what do I look at fundamentally when I'm looking into projects how do I decide which ones I want to invest in etc you know and it has changed you know back in the day a lot of it was based on the team and you know now it's almost like if they don't have an MVP you know so definitely check that out if you guys are interested it's a really it was a fun interview it was fun being the one being interviewed for a change so I'll drop a link to that that's over at the hack crypto YouTube channel and also guys I just wanted to let you know as promised people been asking me where's our digit extra view you guys know that that one the Twitter poll obviously if you guys aren't following me on Twitter I do polls all the time at the crypto zombie so what I did was I was going to make a review but I actually reached out to the team and I was able to get ahold of the CEO Adam Todd so we're actually doing an interview this afternoon actually just after I put this news video out and then hopefully I can have that out to you guys later tonight so I figured it'd be even better than a review because that of me just pointing and going hey this is what they're doing I can actually ask Todd the the tough questions and yeah so I just thought that was really cool so expect that that is coming out later on tonight you know maybe like you know after around dinner time or something like that so that being said I wanna say thank you so much to everybody for coming back to the channel today is Tuesday really freaking appreciate it everyone that's been smashing the like button hit and subscribe drop in your comments below joining the crypto zombies telegram group really enjoy seeing new faces in there and that being said guys I want to say thank you so much for coming back to the channel my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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  5. EOS was never promoted to be the most decentralized. People need to quit comparing EOS in the Bitcoin mentality. EOS is a platform with governance to reverse all the crap that happens in this space. BY DESIGN, and was ALWAYS sold as exactly that. People who are saying this crap are just showing how dumb they are. EOS is doing exactly what it was built to do.

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  7. I'm more playing devil's advocate here than trying to say I believe in Q. The thing about that particular interpretation of securities regulation is nobody has actually received Q yet. The thing that blew my mind the most is they come out and basically say they haven't built anything yet. Their first step is building the user base. Then that user base will be the reason the developers come. It's a ridiculous idea. So all they've actually done so far is build a website and make promises while collecting names and emails. Maybe those promises are illegal, idk

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