⚠️ DATA BREACH! 773 Million E-Mails HACKED!!! Wyoming Crypto Bill: Bitcoin IS MONEY!

[Applause] what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombie so today's Saturday I hope you're having an awesome day shout out to everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting you guys freaking rule now if we have a look at the charts today not a bad day it's a green day right so I'm sure if you woke up and had a look at your portfolio well you're probably in a good mood today looking at what has happened we do see Bitcoin dominance now at 52.5% with a 3743 dollar Bitcoin $0.33 XRP and 124 dollar aetherium looking at the biggest gainers of the day we have apollo currency up yet again making amazing progress loop ring augur 10x on some news with that as well electroni empower ledger steam aurora theta and bitshares all doing quite well today also if you've been following grin grin is actually down 20% on the day it is 5 dollars and 38 cents currently while it's I guess you could say it's competitor or whatever you want to call it beam is up 25% on the day so that's pretty much the news going on with the price this guy's having a look at what's going on this is what we got excited over this little this little green spike right here we still have a long ways to go in fact volume has fallen off recently which is something to take note of now talking about what some are saying out there well some analysts have previously noted that Bitcoin is currently stuck in this 3,500 kind of 4,200 dollar range Maddi greenspan over at eToro said as he's been discussing since mid-november that the current range is from 3000 to 5000 it seems now that bitcoin has opened up a new mini range within 3,500 to 4,200 now obviously this morning we just broke out of that little tiny one right here and we're sitting at 3,700 right so a lot of people were saying we needed to sort of break through that $3,700 barrier in order to get to the next level but as you can see right here we topped out at around three thousand seven hundred and eighty and we could quite break2 3,800 so you also have Luke Martin saying on Twitter that he thinks that bitcoins price action is having the ability to break over 3,700 which that happened so that's fine and trade above this price for an extended period of time so if we are able to trade above this price and not fall back down over it could potentially open up the gate for another leg up to approximately 4100 which would be towards the top of the range you also have John Pearl Stone who recently said that he believes that bitcoin could soon see a price surge if it's able to continue trading above 3500 which could lead to a price target in the $5,000 range and if Bitcoin is able to surge above 4,000 well then it could possibly lead to a rally in the altcoins as well which is usually what happens because bitcoin tends to lead the way Bitcoin will have a massive surge and then all of a sudden you'll see some of that going into the all coins you'll see the altcoins pump and then you'll see it kind of suck up all of those gains and go back into Bitcoin so that's usually what kind of happens although Bitcoin has been trading sideways for the past couple days you have Kevin davit senior instructor at CBOE he told market watch that the trends suggest that Bitcoin could start seeing some increasing levels of volatility it's been a little boring recently we have to admit that right so the new years underway and volatility appears to be percolating which is off-putting to most passive investors however there are many market participants that understand volatility is a constant and if volume numbers at CBOE are any indication they are actively embracing the tools available to trade volatility and risk management now you also have crypto brokerage firm bit you de believes that a further decline is possible but they maintain that if we were to break down lower they think that it would strengthen the market and not weaken it and here is what they had to say so writing in a daily note to their clients you had bit juda executive vice president Brian Donovan said that bitcoin is mimicking the trajectory of the 2011 silver bubble which saw the precious metals spot price explode too nearly $50 and then crashed soon after so today for reference Silver's trading around $15 so that's quite a crash compared to its you know April 2011 high so it's down 70% now bit Oda has been tracking similarities in the 2011 silver bubble and bitcoins recent price movements since early December predicting at the time that Bitcoin would likely break down interim lows of around 3200 with one to three within one to three months that thesis was borne out with Bitcoin USD plunging to a yearly low of 3128 dollars so so far these guys are calling that pretty accurately they say we believe this thesis still remains intact which could mean seeing a break of the lows in the coming weeks so a 25% sell-off of Bitcoin from the current low of 3200 would be roughly a $2,400 Bitcoin now in yesterday's video I personally feel that 2500 is uh you know for me that's that psychological barrier that I just don't think we're gonna go any lower plus we had massive massive resistance back you know in June Avadh or early 2017 so I think that that could be it and if we do go down to 2,400 I think we'll have an instant sharp almost you know V type of a bounce-back so also just getting back to what they were saying but Buddha believes that the next sell-off could be just what cryptocurrency needs to finally break the backs of the Bears with the Bitcoin price sitting below 2500 institutional investors who missed on the historic 2017 run-up might finally feel comfortable gambling on the asset class again so if this drops lower than 2400 they say that they believe new institutional players will enter the space to start reallocating their assets and resources into cryptocurrency and Donovan concluded that since Bitcoin has first mover advantage and it's basically got that household name recognition he thinks that that will be the coin that Wall Street uses as an avenue to invest to get into all of the digital asset exposure okay now obviously there's also guys like brian kelly from CNBC which a lot of people like to sort of you know point at these guys you know CNBC didn't really get the greatest reputation last year i mean there was actually a chart that came out from isle of crypto from jacob Canfield and he was pointing that if you did the complete opposite that CNBC said last year I think you would have had like a 97 or 98 percent chance of of a gain or something like that so take everything with a grain of salt but he was discussing the overall state of the crypto market and he said that he thinks 2019 will turn out to be much better than 2018 I can't imagine 2019 being worse than 2018 as far as price goes that is the analysts argued that we're somewhere close to the end of the bear market but we might have another dip to go it wouldn't surprise me he said speaking specifically about what we could potentially expect in 2019 he went on to say that probably the focus will be on currencies he thinks we're gonna move away from some of these crazy things that came out and we're gonna start focusing on things just like Bitcoin litecoin coins like that because we have quite a bit of geopolitical tension in the world we have he says we're starting to see some global macro players use Bitcoin as alternatives to their gold position or as a way to hedge against fiat currency fluctuations and volatility so we've seen this happening out of a sense of need in places like Venezuela right not to mention just even the recent speculation over coins right I mean Apollo cryptocurrency has been doing really well well that's a privacy coin right you also have grid and beam so there seems to be a theme now we're talking about these privacy coins again right you know the market moves in cycles one time it was the segment coins that were pumping privacy coins smart contract platforms there's always these kind of waves but I think right now we have as we've seen been focusing more on just currencies so according to Kelly will see Bitcoin become more accepted asset among mainstream investors however when asked about the likelihood of a Bitcoin ETF he basically said no shot no shot at all which I'm not really surprised I don't think you should be surprised either now you know I like to check out all these different crypto forums obviously read it now you read it is a scary place now times it's you know you can find some really just crappy garbage shell posts and other times there's actually some gems on there but one particular thing I wanted to point out was this user was pointing out the fact that so far in 2019 and even at the end of 2018 we've seen nothing but good news after good news after good news come out about crypto but yet the price has really not reflected all of this news so why is that specifically well this is one of the top comments and I just wanted to highlight this because this person says I was in high school during the first tech boom and it looked very similar there was a whole bunch of fluff and new groundbreaking technology at the same time and a bunch of rabid investors that didn't know how to tell the difference between the two and when it crashed those same people were screaming that investing in the Internet was pointless and it was a scam and it was just some nerdy guy's hobby and nothing more right but the truth was that all the money that was flowing in was actually allowing that seed to develop into what the web would become today and things slowed down a bit after the crash but once the tech was out there it was only time before people started putting the pieces together into the thing that they hope the internet would become in the first place but obviously it took a lot of time to get people's trust to put their money back into these companies again right so this person finally says I think that's the spot on the curve where we're at with Kryptos after the frenzy people are starting to put together the pieces that's why we're all hearing this good news which means that eventually the price will recover obviously not all of these projects will survive but that is just basically coming from the mouth of someone that actually lived through it and before we move on guys I know this is not crypto related but this definitely is something that can affect a lot of us it has affected people so just please be careful really quick so there was a it says the 773 million record collection one data breach so what is this all about guys well basically there was a data breach that was called collection one that had about 87 gigabytes worth of email addresses and passwords okay there was nearly three billion records and over 700 million unique email addresses in clue the reason I bring this up is because that's a lot of email addresses okay so I want to make sure that you guys are safe out there on top of that there was a hundred and forty million of the addresses that had never shown up before but it gets worse there's reportedly for additional collections that are much larger in scale they're currently being evaluated to see if they might just be repackaged of previous hacks okay so currently collection one is the biggest single leak ever recorded and what's actually pretty crazy is that collection one constituted about eight percent of the total data in terms of size that's been reported across all five of these collections there's also a specific folder marked BTC combos which I would assume means Bitcoin right so obviously this should be treated with somewhat concerned also some other facts to consider collection one is reported to be about two to three years old and contains data from 2008 to 2015 not a hundred percent confirmed but that's what it initially says collection two to five we don't have much information on and the hacker known as sanic sir claims to have up to four terabytes of password data in total stating that sum is less than a year old so there could be potentially some newer ones so the reason that I'm just bringing this up is to let you guys know I know it's not crypto related but it does give you the opportunity to sort of learn from this because one thing that I want to say is always enable to eff a two-factor authentication if you are using by Nance or using any type of place to trade please put two-factor authentication on I don't suggest using text message or anything like that because we've seen all this stuff with SIM card hacks and everything else so just please be careful guys and also if you want you can come over to this website right here and it's have I been owned calm or pwned pwned with a PE right so you enter your email address and they'll let you know if this is one of the ones that they think was potentially on the list so I just want to let you guys know that before we move forward now getting back to crypto currencies talking about the big story of the day this is coming out of Wyoming so it looks like they've introduced two new bills to clarify the legal stance on digital assets and blockchain technology the bill gives crypto currencies the same status as money which allows banks to provide custody solutions to crypto this is massive this is really great news guys so Caitlyn long who is the co-founder of Wyoming blockchain coalition reported in the developments on the blockchain bill in a tweet storm now I'll drop that below if you guys want this is her original tweet it is very very very long in fact there are 31 parts so you guys can definitely check that out but this article right here pretty much summarizes it for you which obviously if you guys don't know by now I do keep timestamps below if you ever want to jump around in the video you know if you want to find where some news is you're interested in just click the timestamp I know for some reason on mobile it's not clickable but it works on desktop so hopefully they'll fix that but anyway getting back to the story the bill introduces three classifications for digital assets including the main one being digital assets also digital securities and finally virtual currencies so digital assets would be treated like general intangibles whereas digital securities would have the same laws as traditional on certified securities and most importantly virtual currencies like Bitcoin would be given the same status as money this classification will help advance the crypto ecosystem move forward as there will be regulatory clarity for blockchain companies to operate effectively major smart contract platform Cardno as we just talked about is already trying to establish itself over in Wyoming the most notable part of the bill is that the virtual currencies are treated the same as money which allows banks to provide custody solutions unlike trust companies which are currently the qualified custodians for crypto banks will be able to operate in all 50 states so Wyoming rules money as private property under the Uniform Commercial Code article 9 virtual currencies like Bitcoin would also be given similar rights where owners will be able to transfer Bitcoin without the need of any intermediary right senator Nethercott of Wyoming said that Wyoming is an innovative and forward-looking state that is open for business we are excited for what the future holds and wants it can you taking the lead with shaping the future of business the time is now to provide the pathway for blockchain and cryptocurrencies and Wyoming has the nimbleness and responsiveness to the needs of these industries to respond accordingly to the growing and adapting landscapes of cryptocurrency also I just wanted to say one more thing that Kaitlyn said she said you know every single blockchain company is operating with some degree of legal risk whether it's a start-up or even fidelity investments because the law in the area hasn't caught up with what's happening in the real world if you listen to the SEC their comments you know the SEC has been fairly specific about issues that the industry needs to address but there is still some uncertainty so you know as far as these ETFs being approved and etc but Wyoming has responded by proposing those fixed issues and importantly doing so in a way that matches how technology actually works once again guys I just want to remind you how early we are but this is great great news congratulations to Wyoming and I understand why cardano's moving over there to be honest with you so this was a sample size this was a poll of fourteen thousand eight hundred and twenty eight people and you could see right here the question was or was you know I own some cryptocurrency yes or no so you can see right here European consumers nine percent massive massive amounts in Turkey eighteen percent you know USA only 8% Australia seven percent so you can see right now we are still so so so so so early in this guys so that is something that I just wanted to note now let's dive into some cryptocurrency news as you guys know the hard fork for aetherium got delayed there was a critical vulnerability we went over this some of the chain had split if you watch my video yesterday we talked about the fact that there was 10% that were on a different chain so there was a potential that there could be complications if you were sending aetherium yesterday hopefully everyone was safe and if you guys did I hope that everything worked out alright for you so it looks like they had their meeting even vitalic agreed on Friday so now they've had the update and they're moving it to February 27th okay core developers explored a more aggressive path of three weeks but ultimately decided to play it safe considering the event involves more than just removing the code there's also a great deal of client testing involved with the hard fork also due to overwhelming popularity of the blue light coin logo seen in UFC 232 light coin has decided to officially add it to the style guide so you can download all the assets and the PDF on litecoin foundation and now you can put a sweet blue light coin logo wherever you want so there there you go that's news apparently also wanted to talk about the CEO of eToro he says that he's actually been pretty impressed with Tron's plans to expand their file sharing company BitTorrent as you can see right here from the tweet he says this is big and ICO for BitTorrent with 100 million users and nice concept for token economics led by Tron Foundation who bought BitTorrent and partnered with finance I promised myself I wouldn't invest in any I SEOs for a while but it's interesting move from it's an interesting move from from Tron now I do want to talk about the fact that they did come out they were talking about this now it was previously project Atlas the tools promised to improve download speed etc so talking about BitTorrent speed on Thursday they said that they will be announcing or excuse me they did announce it and it's gonna be available in the summer but there is also this other company that we've talked about and this is up firing you might be familiar with them so in an announcement that coincided with the release of the BitTorrent you know date up firing said that their own app was now usable and BitTorrent was defeated for several months now as of Thursday up firing has launched its open beta version so that the app can now be used by the public app firings balancing model promotes seeding in slightly different ways unlike BitTorrent speed up firing does not give a bandwidth incentive instead users must use tokens to decrypt the downloaded files so tokens issued for decryption are forwarded directly to the arm to the setters so what do you guys think has anybody tried up firing out there I mean what is your opinion on it do you think it stands a chance I mean clearly BitTorrent has the upper hand it's already existed it has first mover advantage and now it also has tron associated but do you think that up firing actually is up potential better solution I'm curious to know what you guys think also just so you guys know if you're new to the channel I do videos daily sometimes I don't do them on Sundays but if you do enjoy the content you know definitely get subscribed because I do these every single day I also have a telegram chat below guys which we talk about Kryptos and sometimes we do polls and stuff like that just kind of throwing it out there so that's sort of where I tend to get some of these inspirations for the news that we bring so moving on I want to talk about ripples superfast they partnered with sing I think it's called Tsinghua University to launch a research scholarship program for graduates in China according to crowdfund Insider the program will focus on how blockchain technology works and the current state of regulation in the country we also have an interesting statistic about Bitcoin cash so as you guys know the Bitcoin cash hard fork happened in mid 2017 due to a bunch of discrepancies one of them was seg wit another was the block size they said it wasn't Satoshi's vision anymore so if you live through it you know if you don't well it was a crazy time I'll tell you that but interestingly enough one of the big things they fought for was raising the block size from one megabyte which is currently what we have right now on the Bitcoin that we all use today and they upgraded to an eight mega byte block right well here's the interesting thing long has reported that the average block size for Bitcoin cash since its split from Bitcoin in August 2017 is roughly 171 kilobytes which is 2.1 percent of the 8 megabyte limit there's only been one day so far when Bitcoin cash blocks have been more than half full On January 15th of 2018 one year ago Bitcoin cache blocks averaged around 59 percent of their total capacity still not even you know hitting the total so in terms of recent block size capacity Bitcoin cache has averaged only 34 kilobytes in block size in the past 30 days which is roughly 3.7 percent in comparison to bitcoins block sizes of 923 kilobytes in the same period so some will claim that this is a positive sign that the Bitcoin cash blocks are not at their full capacity meaning you know they're just preparing for the future but others are just saying that it just shows that people aren't really interested in Bitcoin cash now I don't know about transacting with Bitcoin cash but I will say going back to coin market cap Bitcoin cash is number four so someone's holding it you know like it's it's the fourth crypto so I mean that's that's just something that you really can't ignore anyway moving on guys I wanted to talk about the livestream that next did so this is the neon exchange it turns out that they have recently just rebranded and yeah so they have switched their name to Nash as many communities and across the space have noticed that we have not invested so much in our brand and there's a reason for that so to be completely transparent to our community in the past to two months a little bit more we have it been through a process where we are rebranding the company so I'm not gonna go into it it's a really long video it's two hours long but this is the section essentially where they rebrand and you can see they're going with nationale and they say it's simpler because nachio and it's kind of like sort of the end it's like neo Ash Nash – I don't know check it out also they go into here and they explain why they did it and um yeah if you guys want to check that out so they're rebranded that was the point of my story but I will drop that below and they actually like go into explaining specifically why actually show you look they actually break it down and they talk about why they did what they did for the changes in the name so check that out if that's something that interests you guys also I want to talk about Venezuela one more time because the IMF estimates that their inflation is currently around 1.3 million percent so if you think crypto is bad let me put this into perspective that means that prices have doubled in Venezuela in less than one month this has caused countrywide shortages of basic necessities like food and medicine adding to the hardships endured by Venezuelan citizens conditions have become so bad that 10% of the country's population has apparently fled according to the Economist so the country's national currency the Bolivar has plummeted in value clearly to combat the issue Maduro knocked five zeros off the currency by issuing the new sovereign bolivar Forbes called this move a scam and a mere facelift to the issue I that happened that was so crazy but in desperation the local people have taken a volatile and often sometimes difficult to use for these people but cryptocurrency so on social media you could see Bitcoin – and Z cache are often cited as the number one choices for Venezuelans looking to whether hyperinflation according to crypto statistics hub coin dance the trading volume for bolivars on local bitcoins has surged in 2018 the weekly trade volume for Bitcoin rose from just 117 all the way to 2000 Bitcoin in 2018 and even adjusting Bitcoin 75% fall in value since the beginning of the year weekly trading volume in Venezuela still has increased from 2.5 million dollars to 7.3 million dollars over a 190 percent increase so when you ask yourself what is the purpose of crypto currencies well look at what's happening over here and look at this chart and look at this demand and tell me that that's not some serious desperation for some times of change okay now I also wanted to talk about overstock.com they have their long awaited T 0 security token platform that's going live at the end of next week you have CEO Patrick Byrne he said this on Friday he told coin dust that the company is ready to hit the button and go live but he was waiting a few more days to process user signups but he says by the end of the week next week we'll be turning the trading system live adding that this is a big moment for us four years in the making so that is some good news moving forward also you know wouldn't be a day in crypto without a scam right so prosecutors in Taiwan have indicted seven Bitcoin traders for allegedly operating a sham crypto investment scheme that hiked in 51 million from more than 1,000 investors the ringleader was a 47 year old man whose surname is lin focused focused taiwan reported the alleged scammers were charged with multiple violations of taiwanese banking and business laws the group of seven were arrested in June 2018 but were formally indicted this week so officials say that the group defrauded about 51 million from a thousand people across Taiwan and China since 2016 they fraudulently wooed investors by making false promises exorbitant returns the Sham Bitcoin scheme promised returns of up to three hundred and fifty five percent after a year of investing according to the Taiwanese Investigation Bureau prosecutors say most investors never received any returns of the investments until February 2018 by April 2018 they stopped receiving returns all together now where have I heard a similar story like this moving on to my final story I thought this was some good news so you have cryptocurrency payroll and HR company bit wage has announced a rollout of new payment tools for businesses executives claim closes the loop in Bitcoin salaries for w-2 employees in the US this is pretty good news guys so through a partnership with Texas based 8 HR firms simply efficient HR bit wage now offers client businesses a way to offer salaries in Bitcoin and etherium to regular payroll employees the move is sufficient for bit wages u.s. customer base as it means that companies can now pay employees with support for W to salaries reporting obligations so this is crazy because a lot of people use you know w2 salary reporting obligations so this is really massive news awesome moving forward guys so I hope that makes you happy before we get on that's it guys I'm done that's the news for the day it's the weekend go out and enjoy yourself you know stop watching YouTube videos all day that being said I want to say thank you so much to everyone that keeps liking subscribing commenting also guys really appreciate everyone who's been supporting the channel if you haven't had a chance to pick up the ledger now no X yet Genesis block edition as you can see right here it's a limited edition and it's a hundred and nineteen dollars and if you use my link it does support the channel and you're keeping your crypto safe so that being said guys once again if you enjoy daily updates of cryptocurrency news brought to you every single day by yours truly then definitely get subscribed join the telegram chat drop a comment below I would love to hear from you really appreciate you stopping by thank you so much that being said that's it for me today guys so my name is que dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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