100 thoughts on “★What Happens When You Put $20 In Quarters Into An Arcade Coin Pusher??”

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  2. Ughhh that stack of quarters on the edge was eating meeeee!!! I wanted to give you quarters thru my phone so you can get that little stck

  3. I love how he said the key is to get maximum pushes you have to stop it with the button to get maximum pushes

  4. 19 minutes of entertainment, worth it? That's up to you. Just over a dollar a minute, for me a little pricey but not bad.

  5. Bro!

    To win more coins, you definitely have to time-stop the pusher.
    Wait for it to be most of the way retracted, but empty space on the shelf.
    Let it go for a little bit, then stop it, put another quarter.
    Do the same on both sides.

    I watched the whole 19 minutes, great video. It’s awesome seeing a mom and her kid hanging out like that.

  6. A wise man once said 「playing with a pot-o-silver machine was like opening a long-term bank account」 "(¬ . ¬)"

  7. You can make money on coin pushers but not by constantly playing. The more you play the more you lose because you are constantly refilling the voids you created with payouts.

    A friend and I in our teens used to go to our local yearly fair and they had a big bank of these set up. Probably 20 machines and they were right at the entrance and got a lot of action. They were also older machines that didnt have ramped lips on the end nor heavy items on top of quarters. Just a nice flat surface.

    We would stand back and watch others play. If someone put in $10 or more and barely dropped anything we would run to that machine if they gave up (because we knew they had loaded up the voids and had it setup to payout soon). Then with a couple of bucks we could clean up on payout. Probably turning 2 bucks into 5 roughly.

    Then we would walk away and watch for someone else playing and repeat.

    Him and I only had maybe 3 bucks on us when we got there and before we left we both had over $50 on us.

    But it takes a lot of waiting and patience. But if you continue playing the same machine you will lose it all guaranteed. It is built to make money. But if you only play them when fully stacked and only play a few rounds you can profit.

    PS. Your mom was right. Hold the stop and load both sides. For some reason if it pushed on both at same time coins tend to go straighter than one side pushes.

  8. I thought if you don't stop it, the quarters will land on top of the other ones and wouldn't be as good.???

  9. These are the suckers that these Vending companies look for… Pattern? You lose 50 – 60% of your investment every time. Keep playing genius!

  10. What a shitty mom, I think she knew it was gonna eat the 20 bucks. Stupid kid thought it was worth it too. Only a dollar a minute. What a couple of fucking morons.

  11. TLDW:

    Round 1: Put $20 in – Got 10.25 out at 7:43

    Round 2: Put winnings back in – Got $7.25 out
    at 11:04

    Round 3: Put winnings back in – Got $9.25 out at

    Round 4: Put winnings back in – Got $5.00 out at 15:13

    Round 5: Put winnings back in – Got $2.50 out at 16:42

    Round 6: Put winnings back in – Got $1.25 out at 17:29
    Round 7: Put winnings back in – Got $ZILCHO out at 18:03

  12. The camera girl had a couple good & logical suggestions but this narcissistic fool shut her ideas down every-time… NEXT video.

  13. Why waste 20 minutes watching? Just skip through a few times and you know the result because he didn't title the vid " How to win The Jackpot!!!"

  14. You are so excitable and geered up.like youre playing 1000 dollars.
    Its 20 dollars ffs…
    So much naration just do it…

  15. Disliked for the tacky Supreme sweatshirt that looks like something you get for free from participating in an all-you-can eat Supreme Pizza contest.

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  17. I have worked with this game, its just a scam. They stack coins on the edge to make it heavy so the coins push out to the sides under the lip were there is extra holes to take your money.

  18. Trick to these
    Put a dollar in
    If you make more great
    If you lost it's just a dollar
    Profit either way and stop playing

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