9 thoughts on “▶️ Price Action: iq option practice binary options trading, real time binary options charts part 41”

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  2. Great video Ben,11:04 how did you know that it won't be a continuation of that uptrend?The red dojis wick did push up creating a higher high

  3. Wow, this was a journey full with improvements,
    I reached the end of the 41 videos of great indeep explanations of trading setups without a rejection as confirmation and I can say that I learned a looot, Thanks a lot, it helped me a lot to form my eyes better to spot those setups, to spot the S&R better, to have a better understanding on the big picture of the market, and what I like a lot, I like and appreciate your patience of repeating the things for us, that is a really help for me, because , as it is said, repetition is the mother of learning.

    Many many thanks to you, I totally appreciate and respect you and you big heart of helping us !

  4. hi ben, at 11.30 min you explain the 2 different same set up, where the first is continuation and the second of reversal , surely because the first one is in strong trend and second one in healthy trend, but in this chart can you give us the orecise explanation of clue to distinguish why it is a strong trend in first case and why it is not in the second… both are on the same position of BB,… thanks

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