Сможет ли Ethereum достичь 10000$ | Ethereum 2018

Can Ethereum achieve
mark in 10,000 dollars? With what competition can
encounter Ethereum and will be able to Does it outperform Bitcoin by capitalization? Let’s understand. Ethereum is the second most
popularity of crypto currency after Bitcoin and herself
popular platform for placing smart contracts
and decentralized applications. Platform Ethereum and the same name
Crypto-currency was issued in the middle of 2015 by Vitalik
Buterin. Ethereum is positioned as
platform, to create decentralized online
based applications, working through the use of
smart contracts. Ethereum has all the necessary
properties for crypto currency and at the same time excludes many
disadvantages of bitcoin. Ethereum is essentially a design
asset for use the Ethereum platform itself. For example, for rent
smart contract on the network, need to pay a certain
amount of Ether. Such a structure
prospects for growth of the crypto currency. However, platforms for smart contracts
in the market appeared quite many, some of something
inferior to the Ethereum, some it is surpassed. For example, the EOS platform and
Crypto currency of the same name Recently launched the main
net. Everything went not so smoothly,
as the developers wanted, since the EOS network fell through
some time after launch, after which it was restored. However, the throughput
of the EOS network developers can achieve
million transactions per second. Commissions for transactions
the EOS network will not exist at all, but the interaction interface
with the EOS platform will be executed as an operating system. Each platform for
smart contracts have their own Advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at more
in detail those disadvantages Ethereum, who noted the main
developer – Vitalik Buterin. • The main problem of Ethereum
Is scalability. At the moment, the network Ethereum
can handle about 20-30 transactions per second,
which is catastrophically small. Due to low throughput
decentralized applications based on Ethereum
work much more slowly, and the implementation of smart contracts
takes more time. However, this problem will be solved by
technology Plasma and Sharding. These technologies are
In development and will be able to increase throughput
ethereum networks up to 1 million transactions per second and
more. • The next problem that
there is not only a network Ethereum, but also in a number of other
crypto-currency projects. Consensus Algorithm
Proof of Work spends huge amount of electricity,
and also prone to attacks 51% On this problem, Vitalik
Buterin has been working for a long time, and in 2018 the Ethereum network plans
completely move to the Proof of Stake algorithm. • Protection of personal data
in Ethereum is on a very low level. Track the sender
and the recipient in the blockchain ethereum is not
a problem. Imagine what you want
Buy XBOX and keep anonymity. If you come to the store
with their friends, each of which will pay on
$5, the cashier will be much harder determine who was originally
was going to buy a console. Of course, this is a very simplified
explanation. And yet, the sender
transaction becomes it is much more difficult to determine. Vitalik Buterin plans
develop HLL (high-level programming language)
for general purposes, which will allow
the ZK-Snark algorithm. This algorithm is used
to confirm transactions in the network Zcash, which provides
high level of confidentiality. Over the decisions of all these
problems are working. Plasma technology, which
Not only will in Ethereum, but still in the project
Omisego is already on the final development stage. Sharding aims to optimize
existing network, combining processing of small transactions. The work of the Plasma solution is similar
Lightning Network in the Bitcoin network. According to Buterin, the decisions
two levels must be shared work, complementing each other
friend. Source blockchain remains
Unchanged, and new solutions second level will improve
him. Sharding allows you to speed up
conducting transactions in 100 times, the use of Plasma
allows the same level of acceleration
in the previously accelerated network. In this way,
scaling efforts two levels will increase
the network speed is 10,000 times compared to the current
level, thanks to which block network Ethereum will be able to
reach a million transactions, conducted per second,
which opens up new prospects integration of Ethereum in modern
areas of financial services and growth of the network ecosystem. The Ethereum platform for relatively
long time of its existence proved itself with
the positive side. Many large companies
plan to use Ethereum in their services. Some countries
block Ethereum on the state
level. Summarizing, we can say,
that if Vitalik Buterin the current
problems of the etherium, he may well reach $ 10,000. Subscribe to the channel,
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