Обзор ICO?DAXICO – The Main Key Advantages of the Cryptocurrency Exchange. [PROJECT CLOSED]

Good day guys, in this video review we consider Daxico project, notes it’s key features and benefits. Apart from achieving the ease of trading and also have a well designed and simple interface where they can be used from, there is more to be enjoyed in it and that is the wallet provision that ensures the safety of users
fund in it. This is therefore the pride of the ecosystem alongside other features. Daxico provides an account where funds of users can be managed and they can from that account transfer or receive funds. When they transfer or perform transactions to other users with same type of account, they won’t have to pay fees to do this. New users will find this platform easy to
use through the given interface that is simple enough for them to associate with and use. All forms of security pattern or procedures that are used by many popular exchanges won’t be used and it won’t be demanded of the users to undergo kyc and submit all their documents that can even be dangerous to them when security is concerned. Now since it is not using the same approach
to security as the existing system, it achieves it’s own two factor authentication through
the use of a unique password generator that is like that of the Google authenticator and
this gets the job done without exposing users to risk when emails are used. This means that all users will have to keep
their passwords very carefully as well as the mnemonic phrases too because without them,
recovery of passwords or account will be impossible. Security is one of the features that wouldn’t
be taken for granted in this ecosystem and this is installed through the various protective
measures that are included in the ecosystem like the Google authenticator and the Authentication
application. With these in operation , the platform will
have no need to trust in just sms and email confirmations but by using a two factor mode
of authentication. This helps users to perform all operations
in a protected environment ajd be free to do anything they wish in it. So Daxico platform will cause the community
of cryptocurencies to have a great hope and prospect for the future and will also increase
it’s adoption across different regions. All the features of the exchange and the wallet
will be used well and they will contribute to the growth that is envisaged. It will be a benefitting Innovation for all
that partakes of it and will achieve all of its objectives. If you have any questions about the project,
ask them in the comments under the video, or you can ask a question in the official
Daxico group in a telegram, where they will tell you more about the project and will not
leave you without attention. All links in the description under the video. And I say goodbye to you. Thanks for attention. See you next time.

5 thoughts on “Обзор ICO?DAXICO – The Main Key Advantages of the Cryptocurrency Exchange. [PROJECT CLOSED]”

  1. Token Details?

    ● Token symbol: DAXI

    ● Platform: Ethereum

    ● Payment: ETH

    ● Total supply: 100,000,000 DAXI

    ● Soft cap: none

    ● Hard cap: none

    ● Token price: 1 DAXI = 0,15 USD

  2. Планомерно! Все, как и ожидалось услышать. Продуманный технический план, внедрение лучших технологий для безопасности.
    Думаю заслуживает внимания, ибо достигнутые результаты говорят сами за себя 🙂

  3. Very interesting project with smart concept and great solutions. Sure it will be prosperous project.

  4. New project for investors in the framework of ICO based on new technologies. Daxi project looks very convincing!

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