Крипто Новости. ESET: хакеры c помощью браузера Tor воруют биткоины

ESET: hackers distribute fake version of Tor
browser to steal bitcoins ESET experts said that hackers are distributing
a fake version of the Tor browser, which uses malware to track user actions and steal their
bitcoins. According to experts of the ESET company working
in the field of IT security, the file for installing a modified browser is posted by
hackers on various forums and sites. At the same time, the program is presented
as the official Russian version of the Tor browser. “Fraudsters are aimed specifically at the
Russian-speaking audience committing transactions on illegal sites,” computer security experts
emphasized. After installation, the browser works in normal
mode, but changes in settings and special extensions disable automatic updates, allow
attackers to monitor the sites visited by users, as well as collect their personal data
and change information about the pages viewed. So, by disabling the option to verify digital
signatures, which ensures confidentiality and anonymity, hackers change payment data,
while users only see previous information. In addition, researchers have discovered several
cryptocurrency wallets that may be relevant to a fake version of the browser. However, major transactions with them were
not carried out, and the total amount of funds on these wallets does not exceed 4.8 BTC (about
$ 39,000). ESET suggests that the amount of stolen funds
can be much larger, given that QIWI wallets are also at risk. Recall that, according to Europol, most often
scammers use ransomware viruses to gain access to users’ financial information. Also, cybercriminals can exploit any vulnerabilities
in outdated software versions.

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