Криптовалюта EOS vs Ethereum | EOS 2018 Прогноз

What is the difference between EOS and the Ethereum What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sensational EOS cryptocurrency? EOS? Is it worth investing in this asset and will EOS be able to replace Ethereum Let’s understand. Developers position EOS as an improved Ethereum – More A more convenient, fast, reliable and free platform for hosting smart contracts, creating different DAPPS right up to social networks and online games EOS ICO has began in 2017 and to date has raised about 4 billion dollars. This is a record amount collected through the ICO in the history of their conduct. What attracted investors to this project? According to the developers, the EOS network will be able to handle up to 1,000,000 operations per second, which is ten times the bandwidth of the Visa payment system. EOS plans to solve the scalability problem for the Ethereum network using the Dpos algorithm or the Delegated Proof of stake This algorithm allows to confirm a huge number of transactions per second without wasting energy, as does the algorithm of Proof of Stake in the Bitcoin network A detailed analysis of the DPOS algorithm will be published on our channel in the near future. According to the developers, EOS creates a block-architecture for horizontal and vertical scaling of applications. According to their idea, the platform should resemble the traditional operating system, which will allow, in combination with the rich software tools of the platform, to efficiently build decentralized applications on its basis. The main difference from Ethereum will be the free download of smart contracts into the blockchain and all transactions in the network. For example, in order to download a smart contract into the Ethereum blockchain, you need to pay a certain amount. In the case of EOS, payment is not required. Considering that EOS can handle up to a million transactions per second, the interaction and work of decentralized applications will reach a new level. To see the obvious advantage of EOS over Ethereum, let’s look at a small example. There are two decentralized applications, one on EOS, the other on Ethereum. Applications perform the same task – Bring information to the blockchain, and then on demand display it on the screen through a smart contract. In the case of Ethereum, the information will be entered in the blockchain about 15-20 seconds after the input. The same time it will take to output information. If the application is used by a large number of people, the time for input and output of information can increase due to the large number of requests in the smart contract, located in the Ethereum blockchain. The same application on the EOS platform will instantly enter and display information, since the scalability of the EOS network is enormous. Let’s look at the advantages of the EOS platform: The project was created by experienced developer Dan Larimer, who proved his abilities within Steemit and BitShares. The EOS platform will provide broad functionality for the development of decentralized applications. Absence of commissions for transfers and interactions with smart contracts. Tremendous scalability of the network. The launch of the EOS network is planned for the summer of 2018 and if everything goes as promised by the developers, then EOS will be the best platform for creating fast, secure and transparent decentralized applications. At the moment, one EOS coin costs about 12$. It is possible that after the launch of its own network and blockchain, the rate will grow to 30$, and by the end of 2018 it may well reach 100$. To sum it up, we can say that for today EOS is an excellent project with a good team. This project is unique, and the ubiquitous nature of decentralized applications makes EOS extremely promising.

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