КАК ПРОДЛИТЬ ЖИЗНЬ старому Лего Техник проводу?

Hi! My name is Kirill and you are watching my Lego Technic channel. Today I’ve started to assemble 8480 Space Shuttle. The set contains two 69 stud long wires. I have two of them and both are in very bad condition. Today I’ll try to repair them. You can see significant damages. High risk of short-circuit. I will use two-component glue based on epoxy resin. Unfortunately I have no brush, so I will use strip of paper. Also we need something sharp to separate the wires. It is useful to check the wires before the repair. There is no short-circuit now. Ready for epoxy 🙂 Let’s try to do it. I must mix two components – resin and hardener. We use the glue only for insulation not for the strength, so the quality of mixing is not so important. Use the brush – it will be much more handy. I will hang the wires to dry. This method has two disadvantages. The wires will lose the flexibility in repaired places. It won’t prevent the wire from further degradation. The right method is to cut connectors and completely replace the wire. Here is the result. We can clear wires from glue. One more check. All wires are Ok. So, this is not perfect solution, but we can extend the life of old wires. Suggest your solution of this problem – it will be very interesting. Thanks for watching! Bye 🙂

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